A New Bout of Fear

I think some where along the way people have managed to become so accustomed to the pandemic. Its become normal and so it is no longer serious. People are going about their lives, forgetting their masks, not following the arrows on the floor at the store, and hosting large catered parties with dances floors.

As COVID-19 cases rise in North Dakota and stores start making masks mandatory I have noticed that more and more people seem to be disregarding or actively choosing to ignore the sound advice given by the CDC and other reputable sources.

This scares me more than the initial outbreak in the U.S. as people were at least being diligent.

Someone is getting married today and I wish them a wonderful day and every happiness. I also wish they were making the smart decision to not have a reception.

My husband has two jobs. One of which is right in the middle of the public and puts him at the previously mentioned wedding. This scares me, as up til now we have managed to do a pretty decent job limiting out contact with the outside. We wear masks, social distance, only one of us goes toe the store regularly, we even limited who comes and goes from our home.

I had hoped that was a enough. I hoped so hard we could keep it that simple but it seems I was lying to myself. Unless everyone takes the same precautions nothing will get better.

Unfortunately so many people seem to have the idea not as serious as it is. They believe it to be over blown, entirely made up, or that the loss of 1% of the population (about 3.2 million I think) to be completely acceptable. I admit I don’t understand any of this. I don’t understand how or why people are ignoring sound science. I don’t understand why people think the CDC would lie to them. They could blame the government but the government has taken power away from the CDC by requiring all case information be reported to the Department of Health and Human Services instead.

Due to this, I now face the decision of cutting our family off from everyone and everything. My husband is at risk simply because he needs to make a living and I do not want that put our friends, families, and all the people we love so dearly at risk.

Today I am scared.

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