I Want To Hold Your Hand

It has been a few days since I last posted. In that time My fears and waxed and waned in such a whirlwind of ups and downs I end up dizzy and exhausted. I have slept more in the past day and a half than I generally do in a four day stretch.

On Sunday we received word a person who works in the same building as my mother had tested positive for COVID-19. Our family is very tightly intertwined with her and my father so, being the good man he is, my husband told both of his employers. He has been home all week and has been stir crazy since Monday.

Yesterday I received what is likely my last payment from the unemployment office, or close to it. At the very least The additional $600.00 that has allowed my family to get by will be done. I will have to spend 2-3 hours on hold trying to talk to someone to make sure I handle everything appropriately as well as continue to work towards fixing an error the MN Unemployment Insurance office made when processing my application in March.

In the next few weeks, I get to look forward to attempting to figure out the safest way to make sure my six-year-old gets an education.

It is really no wonder my sleep schedule has been so out of wack? Not really

I, like many people, suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I am uninsured so I don’t go to a therapist and I can’t afford my medication. As my husband will attest, these past several months have not been easy. I am managing but its not easy.

I tried to type this all up yesterday but nothing came out right.

Life is hard on a normal basis. Right now, life is even harder. Anyone who suffers from depression regularly is suffering all the more because of the isolation. People who suffers anxiety is having similar issues.

Everyone knows a person or persons who suffer from depression or anxiety, though in my experience they tend to go hand-in-hand. I suggest taking time to check in with them, and don’t let them say “I’m fine.” Give them a chance to vent their worries and concerns. Help them feel loved and validated. We are losing enough people to illness lets not lose our friends, family members, and other loved ones to something we can help with. We all need each other right now. We might not be able to see the people who need us, or given them the hugs or affection they need, but we can still be there for them.

If you are one of those people who need support, understanding and validation, please reach out to me. I might be on the other end of a website but I can still care about your well being.

Just One Mom

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