Education In The Time Of COVID-19

Tomorrow, July 28, 2020, there is a meeting between the local School Board to plan what is going to happen this year regarding the education of my six-year old and every other school age child in town.

I can’t even imagine how difficult that meeting is going to be. A four page draft of the current plan was published in the local paper on  July, 25, 2020, and it is overwhelming at best.

I could easily get my kid to wear a mask, probably all day, but it breaks my heart to stop him hugging his friends. I know this for a fact as I have already had to do it.

When schools closed in March, parents reigned in their children, limiting their access to their friends and the other neighborhood kids. Very suddenly, I had to stop my kids from running to kids they usually played with. These friends who were allowed to play together, in varying groups, as they were all in the same groups for the purposes for learning. I don’t blame anyone for the decisions they made. They were prudent and protected our children.

I never kept the situation from my children but all of those facts never helped them understand. I had to hold onto them while they cried because they couldn’t hug their favorite people. Sending them back to school will only make that harder for them.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when trying to figure out social distancing in schools but one of the most difficult will be the students, particularly the younger ones. We are just protecting them from a virus, but to do that we have to protect them from each other and little kids don’t get that. We have to do that protecting for them.

I don’t know what the School Board is going to decide tomorrow and I don’t envy them their decisions. I do know I don’t think the children should go back to school, not unless some very strong measures are taken. I also don’t think those measures are possible and I think the schools should take the risk it until they are. This will include not only a multitude of changes but should also include many sacrifices. People should have to wear masks and they don’t want to. Certain extracurricular should be canceled and parents aren’t going to like that.

I don’t feel safe with the idea of allowing my child to go back to school. I will wait until after that meeting before I make any decisions but everything scares me.

Just One Mom

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