A Mom’s Day Off

I was able to experience a rare thing today. I enjoyed a day off from “work.”

If you have read my previous posts you would know I am currently a stay-at-home mom. A day off for me is any day where I get to spend several consecutive hours at a place where no one calls me “mommy.”

I was at the farmers market with a dear friend and it was pure bliss. We talked in ways we can’t around our respective husbands and small children. We took pictures, mostly for my site, and we took time to reconnect.

We wore our masks around the large groups and took them off when it was just us. We had lunch on the steps of a local high school. We wandered all around downtown and we were able to be 100% ourselves.

We both agreed it was exactly what we needed. Since March (so much of what I have to say is about events since March) we have both felt a very heavy load. She works from home now. I’m unemployed. We both deal with the chores and the cooking in our respective houses and we both seem to live as our titles more than as ourselves. Wife. Mom. Caretaker. Housekeeper. In these roles we have a new set of responsibilities concerning COVID-19 and how it affects our families. Our husbands also have new roles and responsibilities.

Adapting is hard.

On our walk today we also met a local artist, Adam Kemp (adamkemp1966 on Instagram). He referred to this adapting as “pivoting” and I believe it equates to the idea of rolling with the punches. We pivot with each change in life so we don’t lose our balance and keep ourselves centered.

We all need to pivot. Sometimes it seems like that is all we are doing. When Adam Kemp asked what were up to down town today he asked about my blog. He validated me need to write it. I know these are words being sent out to an empty void but the fact a complete stranger understood and even encouraged it was reassuring.

Thank you Adam Kemp for your words.

Thank you Kayla for having such a wonderful afternoon with me.

Thank you all for reading this post.

Just One Mom.

P.S. I do recommend looking into Adam Kemp’s art. You can check it out and follow him on Instagram. adamkemp1966

Kayla is a photographer. She has been taking photos for years so if you are in the Grand Forks area, look her up. She is responsible for the header photo on my home page and the photo of me. You can find her on Facebook.


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