It’s A French Toast Day

Would you like to know why its a french toast day? I can’t hear you answer but I am going to assume you said “Sure! I would love to know. Also, I’m going to need some of that french toast.”

Well, I can’t give you any french toast. We ate it and you are at the other end of the internet. I can tell you why its a french toast day though and then tell you how to make your own french toast.

Its a french toast day because I have been awake since just after 4 AM. I tired all my little tricks to go back to sleep and failed. I got up about a quarter to 5. I made the coffee and then realized I was going to crash hard soon enough. Probably just about the time the kids start waking up. So, I opted to move around enough to keep me awake, and so made french toast.

Now, the reason why I was awake. I woke up to go to the bathroom which is fairly common. I stayed awake because my brain started to sporadically list and over analyse all the awful things that have happened this year and a few from over the years. My brain then proceeded to integrate all the difficult things that are coming soon and how they can/will go wrong.

My brain is a jerk.

I know, on a conscious level, there is no reason to dwell on the the past, the current awful circumstances, or all the maybes that are down the road, but the brian doesn’t operate on just a conscious level. The sub-conscious part of the brain is where the dwelling and what-ifs come from.

What if I screw up my child’s education/emotional development?

What if we defund the police and end up with a police force that can’t keep up and doesn’t have the needed training?

What if what is happening in Portland starts happening everywhere?

What if the mask mandates local stores have implemented lead to someone choosing violence? What if I am at the store when that happens? What if my husband is?

People wonder why I don’t watch the news much or follow the bigger stories and whatever the White House is doing, but I can’t. All it is going to do if fuel all the what ifs already filing through my head. I have people who keep my filled in on the bigger news stories and then things that effect my but my mental health cannot take all of it.

I know that is selfish but sometimes a person, a parent, needs to be selfish. We have to prioritize the health of ourselves and our families just to keep functioning. I’m ok with that. The world doesn’t owe me a thing and I am not going to expect it or the society we live in to help me.

If that means I get to deal with sleepless nights and early mornings making french toast, so be it. We all do what we have to in order to get by. Some people run, craft, or clean (that’s what one of my besties does). I cook. This morning I was french toast. Later I am making chocolate chip cookies. Custard is probably going to happen too.

So, today, go do your thing. Do you. Drink your coffee. Have a run. Knit a scarf. Clean your kitchen. Cook something comforting.

– Just One Mom

P.S. French Toast and other recipes

I don’t measure anything (yes, I am one of those people) so here is recipe that closely resembles what I do:

In place of the vanilla and cinnamon you can mix in 2 teaspoons (ish) of brown sugar. It will make your french toast a bit darker but super yummy.

Because I mentioned it, the best custard recipe I ever found was in my mother’s Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book from the late 1960’s. You can use this recipe:

It’s a good one and its easy for beginners.

I’m not posting a link for a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Buy the Toll House chocolate chips. The recipe is on the back of the bag.


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