A Shiny New Day

Well, it seems to me multiple changes are coming my way.

My 1st grader is starting school via remote learning (on purpose this time), we will be getting a new puppy (details to be released as I get them), the seasons are shifting, and the holidays are coming (plus four birthdays).

I’m going to be a busy one momma.

I have done some pre-emptive shopping to help offset this, and I am already starting to plan the upcoming events. I have updated my planner, bought a leash (among other things), and various things to help make the start of the school year special for all three of my children.

I’m going to plan out meals, pack lunches (just for fun), schedule our weekdays to mimic the local school system to help keep things consistent for my student and figure out training a puppy.

I only hope I can hold myself to this. It’s a tall order and comes with a level of organization and responsibilities I am not used to handling. I can cook and clean, keep the kids fed, and the house tidy(ish).

I am also working on a novel, which is a different set of challenges altogether.

My blog posts are probably going to be more sporadic and with a variety of new topics.

We are just going to have to see how this goes.

– Just One Mom

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