[___________] Lives Matter!

I’m going to say it, and I wonder who will hate me for it and then not finish reading this.


I say it, but I don’t mean in it as part of any political movement. I mean it as a statement of fact. All lives matter.

BLM is a good cause but, in my opinion, too narrowly focused. African Americans are not the only minority in our country that also need representation.

I also think we need to consider other aspects aside from ethnic groups. Police lives matter too. While the country is protesting and rioting against them, many good cops are still trying to do their jobs. They are going out into a world that is automatically lumping them into a group of violently inclined racists ass-holes, but they are still doing their jobs.

Black lives do matter, as do Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Male, Female, LGBTQ, delivery drivers, police officers, poor kids, wealthy adults, girl scouts, homeowners, migrant workers, the President of the United States, and EVERYONE ELSE.

There are no exceptions. If we want to address these issues specifically, we have to look at them from both sides of the line.

My Example: Police Behavior

There is a general call to defund the police. When I first heard that phrase, I admit to panicking a bit. I now know it means to reallocate funding to groups and people who can better use the resources.

It won’t fix anything, but it is still a good plan.

I believe issues regarding toxic officers are almost entirely related to internal behavior and unwillingness to take action. It is a cultural issue within police departments and police unions.

Internal Affairs exists to help police the police, but what good are they if they get villainized, and no one with the power to take action chooses to do it. This includes everyone from other officers reporting the behavior to police unions, investigators, prosecutors, and juries.

Example over.

I used the police as an example because those issues are all over the news. It was an example that readily came to mind.

Now, I am not saying BLM is not essential. It is an advocacy group speaking for people who don’t have a voice. Please support their cause.

I am saying you need to remember they only advocate for one group, and others need also support, including the police.

If we want a country that treats everyone equally, we need to remember good people and bad people exist in every group, with a lot of gray spots. We need to support good people so they can flourish. We also need to hold bad people accountable for their actions with equal and consistent consequences. The gray needs cleaned up, and people also need to be given ways to improve and grow into better people.

We have to represent everyone equally, or it’s just going to be a very vicious cycle.

– Just One Mom

Please comment. This is a topic that needs discussion.

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